Guidelines and HOWTOs/Documentation in wikis

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At KDE we have 3 wikis:

  • Community: it contains everything for your team work and the resources for the KDE community. (more on this in the Community chapter
  • Techbase: it contains the documentation, links and tutorial for your libraries. This is aimed for external developers that use your products. (more on this in the Techbase chapter)
  • Userbase: it contains the user manuals. How to use your application? What does each button do? How to achieve a given operation? These are all questions to be answered there.

Community has two focuses:

  • centralizing the KDE resources
  • organizing the teamwork on your Project.

Community Resources

All the KDE resources are documented here.

If you are looking for (or want to add) a tutorial about general procedures in KDE, go under Guidelines and HOWTOs. You'll find useful information about our Infrastructure, Schedules and other ways to Get Involved



Your project should have a page at This is the entry point for your internal resources. All your pages should have the format, with the depth you find relevant. We do not enforce any structure, as you can see from the examples below.


You have to think about it as the resource for your fellow contributors. What development environment do I need? or How do I compile from source or What are the code guidelines or Which contact channel do I use to get started are all valid questions to be answered here.

You can add your schedules, your meeting minutes, the architecture of your program and everything you find relevant. Don't forget to use Phabricator to organize your tasks and to-dos!


Techbase is like Userbase but for external developers.

What it is

For instance, if you wrote a library to deal with maps: you might want to write some tutorials on how to link to the library, get in touch with other users of the library, find the tarballs, etc...

Other examples would be Plasma, by describing how to write a plasmoid based on their tools, or Kirigami, describing how to get started with the kirigami libs.

What it is NOT
Good Examples

Userbase contains your user documentation, the same one that would appear when the user asks for About>Help.