Guidelines and HOWTOs/Build from source/FreeBSD

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  • Install Python 3.6 and libraries needed for Craft:
pkg install python37 py37-sqlite3
  • Optional: Install dependencies that will be required for compiling most KDE applications:
pkg install libxml harfbuzz shared-mime-info p5-URI py36-sqlite3 xcb-util-image libxslt xcb-util-wm freetype2 xcb-util-renderutil gettext-runtime fontconfig git bash libxcbcommon xcb-util-keysyms gettext-tools icu python dbus inputproto cmake xorg-fonts pcre png bison xkeyboard-config pkgconf libxcb gpgme p7zip glib python37
  • Get Craft
fetch -o && python3.7 --prefix ~/CraftRoot
  • Optional: Adjust craft config to your liking:
ee ~/kde/etc/kdesettings.ini
  • Optional: Run bash if you are running some other shell
  • Setup environment:
source craft/
  • In this shell, now craft is usable, e.g. to build Kate with all dependencies:
craft kate