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Gluon Player

The following is a transcript of the flipchart sketch from the discussion at the Gluon Sprint in October 2011.

The current status:     What is to be done:
- Qt Basic           -> tools/player (don't install .desktop file,
                        simply for launching games directly)
- KDE Basic          -> (remove)
- Qt Extended        -> (remove)
- KDE Extended       -> player/desktop
- QML                -> player/handset
- QML Plasmoid       -> player/active
- Plasmoid           -> (remove once QML plasmoid can display comments etc)

What is to be done

  • .desktop file for all has app name as "Gluon Player"
  • only ONE player should be installed by default, as per detected platform.
Generic players
  • Desktop
  • Handset
  • Tablet
Platform specific players
  • Harmattan
  • Active
Future players
  • Console (game console, not cli)
  • IVI