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C and C++

If you were to read only one book, then that would be "Thinking in C: Foundations for Java & C++" by Bruce Eckel and Chuck Allison

Other resources:

"C Programming Tutorial for Beginners" by Mike Dane and

"Thinking in C++" by Bruce Eckel

"C++ Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course" by Mike Dane and

Qt, Qt widgets and Qt Quick/QML

"Qt Tutorial : C++ Notepad App" by Derek Banas

"Qt Tutorial 2 : C++ Calculator" by Derek Banas chapter "Widgets".

"Introduction tutorial to Qt / QML" by Jesper Pedersen, KDAB chapter "QML and Qt Quick".

KDE Frameworks

"Getting Started with KDE Frameworks"

"Getting started with Kirigami"

Other resources:


Unix command line find a reasonable tutorial here

"Linux Operating System - Crash Course for Beginners" by KeepItTechie and

"Red Hat Linux Bible" or another similar book by Christopher Negus

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