Get Involved/development/IDE configuration

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Setting up an IDE for KDE development.

There are many available choices for code editors and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

Some popular choices:

  • Qt Creator - A good choice when starting to contribute to KDE. It has: support for kdesrc-build, a good debugger, source code navigation, Qt widgets UI designer, QML debugger, Qt resources editor, Qt project templates, good CMake support, C++ static analyzers etc. From the Qt project.
  • Kate - KDE's advanced text editor.
  • KDevelop - KDE's own IDE.
  • Visual Studio Code - Popular, customizable, has support for many programming languages.
  • CLion - C++ IDE from JetBrains.

The choice is often a personal preference, here we list some instructions and tips on getting editors and IDEs working well with KDE projects.