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  • Action: Check if “New” button works
  • Expected: It should bring up a new word
  • Action: Change languages
  • Expected: The game should be completely changed in the specified language including words and toolbars
  • Action: Try the game in different themes
  • Expected: it should work just fine(Mainly the background image should change)
  • Action: Exit using “quit” button
  • Expected: The game should exit without any errors
  • Action: Press “Show hint” button
  • Expected: It should be depressed once pressed
  • Action: Hints that are shown should be visible
  • Expected: They shouldn't get camouflaged in the background

Game Menu

  • Action: Use The open button to open a document
  • Expected: It should load up without any errors
  • Action: Use addon installer to play the game in different languages
  • Expected: The languages should load up correctly
  • Action: Exit the game using ctrl + q
  • Expected: The game should close without producing any errors

Category Menu

  • Action: Change categories
  • Expected: KHangman should not crash and the questions should belong to the category you have chosen

Look Menu

  • Action: Change the theme using the look menu
  • Expected: Changing the theme should not produce any crash and the theme shouldnt be blocking any text

Settings Menu

  • Toolbars shown
    • Action: Enable/Disable toolbars
    • Expected: They should show up instantly
  • Action: Enable showhint using ctrl + h
  • Expected: The hints should show up
  • Action: Configure shortcuts for various tasks
  • Expected: Shortcuts keys should perform the specified task
  • Configure Toolbars
    • Action: Select Different toolbars and select different actions for them
    • Expected: Toolbars should showup with the desired actions for them
    • Action: Filter actions
    • Expected: Actions should get filtered
    • Action: Press Default
    • Expected : It should set main toolbar with following actions: “New”, “Show hint”, “Quit”
    • Action: Change icons and text of actions.
    • Expected: The change should show up on the toolbar
  • Configure KhangMan
    • Action: Enable Animations and Sounds
    • Expected: They Should work
    • Type Accented letters should be enabled for only Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan otherwise it should be greyed out
    • Action: Change the duration of timer.
    • Expected: The duration of timer should change without any crash

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