Get Involved/Extra Mile/Reports

Pending Extra Miles

You can add extra mile bugs you fixed which have no bug reports here.

Past reports


  • Redoing the Network Manager Authorisation Prompts
  • Improving the Akonadi KCM
  • Improving Kate dialogs


  • Improving hotplug device descriptions


  • Plasma
    • Black board widget does not contain description
    • QML popupapplets lack icon tooltips
  • KDE Telepathy
    • The reset button in kcm_ktp_chat_appearance is not working
    • Group headings are selectable
    • Member list of disconnected groupchat still looks "connected"
  • Kate
    • Hardly readable text in search bar due to poor color contrast
  • Gwenview
    • Double click no longer toggles full-screen mode

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