Gardening Day

Saturday 21 February 2015 we are holding a Gardening Day for KRecipes on #kde-devel


  • Code is at git clone git:// (or git clone kde:krecipes if you have the KDE git url handler set up)
  • We will be working on the master branch
  • KRecipes does not have many dependencies: kdelibs4, LibXml2, LibXslt, QImageBlitz and SharedMimeInfo, all of them should be readily available from your distributions
    • For debian based distributions you can get the dependencies by running apt-get build-dep krecipes
  • For patches:
  • For bug triaging use the gardening field
    • + for really critical bugs that should be fixed as part of gardening
    • ? for easy bugs
    • - for out of scope (doesn't mean they are not important nor real, just that are not in scope for the gardening, i.e. they may be very corner case or need deep knowledge of the code base)


  • KRecipes is in beta for a long time, we want to release 2.0 quickly and 2.1 in one/two months.
  • Make point to
  • Port some of the Qt3Support code (make sure don't break stuff) :D
  • Bug gardening (see the lists below)
  • Clean up warnings
  • Investigate use of KUnitConversion to convert between metric and imperial


Important bugs that definitely need to be fixed before release

KRecipes bugs marked as gardening+ See Bugzilla

Bugs with patches that should be reviewed

List of easy bugs that could be fixed as part of this love project

KRecipes bugs marked as gardening? See Bugzilla

List of ungardened bugs

No gardening flag set See Bugzilla

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