Bug Of The Month (BOTM) is an effort to get developers from all KDE projects to investigate annoying, but (long) unresolved issues in KDE software.

Those bugs often raise endless discussions from frustrated users about how KDE developers do not care. The truth is, most developers are not even aware of them, because the issues do not happen on their system. KDE Developers also usually do not read bug tickets for projects they do not maintain. Getting attention of all developers is one part of the effort, by announcing one selected bug on Planet KDE and the KDE developer mailing list monthly.

Sometimes the code in question does no longer have a maintainer, or the current maintainer does not have the time or expertise to address the bug. Sometimes the bug is actually caused by underlying software components, but the KDE code is the only test case developers have, making the bug hard to investigate. Finding someone able to propose changes to underlying components is an additional goal.

BOTM is similar to the "Junior-Jobs" initiative from the KDE Bug Team. But in contrast to Junior-Jobs, which are easy to solve even for newcomers, BOTM bugs are complex to investigate or solve, are buried in hard-to-understand code or in code which has long been unmaintained. They sometimes require deep understanding of underlying components, or require discussion with upstream developers or with distribution packagers. Call them "Senior-Jobs" if you like.

How to participate

Every KDE developer is invited to read through the Bugzilla ticket for the current Bug of the Month. Add feedback, investigate, coordinate with other developers, and even propose a code change! If you have ideas to solve the issue, create a merge request at

Former Bugs of the Month

Month Status Bug Number and Title Links
02/2015 fixed Bug #309193: Keyboard shortcuts doesn't work if non-english keyboard layout is set before english one
01/2015 Fixed Bug #271934: kded4 process grows on memory usage (possible leak)
12/2014 Fixed Bug #288410: kde deamon crash on wakeup
11/2014 Fixed Bug #324975: Volume gets restored to 100% after each knotify event Review Requests: [1] [2]

Ideas for future Bugs of the Month

Plasma + KWin

System Settings



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