KMyMoney: GDB Printers For QT And KF5 Classes


Project Overview

GDB printers is used to show variables when debugging in GDB, in a human readable format.


The objective of the program was to improve existing printers, that includes additional printers as well as fixing problems in the existing printers.

Work Report

All the work done during the summer of code can be found in this repository.

These blog posts contain details about what work was completed weekly or bi-weekly, here are the work done during said week.

Work Done

  • Most of the Qt core printers has been implented and working.
  • Some of the test cases of the printers have been written.

What's left

  • Some of the printers test cases as not been written yet, will work on that.
  • Few core printers such as qprocess has not been written yet.

Links to Blog and Other Writing

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