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Kasts: Podcast Support

Kasts is a convergent podcast player designed using the Kirigami framework. It works both on desktop and mobile devices. Kasts uses the Syndication library to parse RSS/Atom feeds. Currently Kasts has a standard podcast support that enables users to play the media content and display its metadata by parsing the contents of an RSS feed.

The UI of Kasts is pretty intuitive and is more than usable, the app to an extent does not have a very convergent UI. This will be improved upon throughout the timeline by using the best practices for creating convergent apps. Even though the app is able to fetch media using XML documents, it does not yet support searching podcasts from the internet. There are several podcasting web service APIs on the internet that discover new and interesting podcasts.

Kasts can be integrated with the android ecosystem by implementing a media session and further adding a media style notification to control the playback. Another essential feature that will be implemented is the support for interacting with podcast chapter markers, which improve usability by dividing the media into discrete segments.


Work Report

Podcast Discovery

Kasts is now able to discover podcasts from the internet.

Android Integration

An android media session was added to Kasts for an enhanced platform integration.

Chapter Markers

Kasts can show chapter markers for a podcast.


I maintained this blog site to log my progress throughout the program. For the most part it has my work progress for the week and for the issue well documented.
Google Summer Of Code 2021
GSOC: Community Bonding
GSOC: Week 1
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GSOC: Week 4 and 5
GSOC: Second Phase

Commits and Merge Requests

This is a list of goal-specific merge requests.
!10: Media header Bar and sidebar
!21: Add model for searching for podcasts
!29: Android Integration
!34: Add chapter marks

These links will display a list of my commits and merge requests throughout the GSoC time period.
List of all commits by me
List of all merge requests by me

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