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KMyMoney: Integration of the new functionalities from the Alkimia library


KMyMoney is a cross-platform personal finance tracking app. It uses C++, Qt as its core and the UI is done using QtWidgets. KMyMoney 4.8 is equipped with debug functions and extended by an online update of the quote sources. This was added to Alkimia 8.0 The main goal of the project is to add that as a feature to KMyMoney version 5. I have planned to add this support to version 5 of KMyMoney, as a replacement for existing functionality in KMyMoney (as was done with version 4.8). After extending the support a user will be able to:

  • Get a feature to debug the online quote.
  • Check the source of the selected online quote.
  • Open the source link in the browser.
  • Online update of quote sources.

The WebPriceQuote class would need to be replaced with the associated AlkOnlineQuotesWidget class from the Alkimia library. I am also adding members and APIs in Alkimia which are missing in contrast to that present in WebPriceQuote.

Mentors - Thomas Baumgart & Ralf Habacker


I did my work in a forked repo which was converted to a single merge request after rebasing my branch.

Progress Reports

Phase 1

Phase 1 Successful Build

Phase 2

What's working

Feature Used APIs Status
Identification(ID) and ID Selector fields in widget Modified AlkOnlineQuoteSource and AlkOnlineQuotesWidget. Added two members m_idNumber m_idSelector. Modified the signature of the constructor and modified unit tests according to that. Completed
Quote Source Debugging AlkOnlineQuote and AlkOnlineQuote::Errors Completed
View web page of quote source WebView Done (Screenshot attached)
GNUCash Importer Plugin _ Works, TODO: Importing quote sources
Quotes Equity Update Wizard AlkOnlineQuote Doesn't work due to csvquote usage removed


KMyMoney Online Quote Sources and Debug
KMyMoney Online Quote Sources HTML View

Post GSoC

Manage todo code, Port csvquote() from kmymoney to alkimia and Check if identifier required by Online Source is filled-in

If anyone wants to suggest something or have a discussion please reach out to me on suraj[dot]mahto49[at]gmail[dot]com or @suraj_sloth:kde.org in Matrix.

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