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Plasma Mobile - Akonadi Calendar

While KDE Plasma on the desktop has robust calendar, tasks and journal management capabilities thanks to KOrganizer, Plasma Mobile currently lacks such capabilities. Existing applications are hampered by an absence of Akonadi integration, which would allow users to synchronise their data across applications in Plasma.

The reason for this is that there is currently no existing Kirigami/QML implementation of a calendar view component that integrates with Akonadi. Carl Schwan recently began developing a proof-of-concept Kirigami ‘Kalendar’ application that supports a detailed month view and works with Akonadi calendars, but that is currently a work-in-progress project.

This proposal puts forward a plan for improvements to this existing proof of concept that would help implement a fully-featured convergent calendar application for Plasma Mobile. This application would allow the user to view, create, modify, and delete calendar events with full Akonadi integration. This will be made possible by creating components written in QML and Kirigami that should allow for the creation of a visually-attractive and intuitive calendar view components that could be used in any Kirigami application.

Progress reports

These weekly blog posts contain details about what work was completed each week, and what changes were made to Kalendar during said week.

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