Basic Subtitling Support in Kdenlive

Project Overview

Kdenlive is an open-source video editor based on Qt, MLT, and KDE Framework. This application makes video editing easy with an intuitive workflow.
Videos in Kdenlive are edited by applying filters or effects, however, the application is largely limited in its ability to customize and edit subtitles. At present, subtitles are added as an effect, namely using the Subtitle effect. The effect uses an FFmpeg filter to burn the subtitle file onto the respective video. Since the subtitle files are hard-coded over the videos, the customization of the displayed text is not viable.
Basic subtitling support in Kdenlive can be achieved by extending the functionality of the existing “Subtitle” filter thereby giving users more choices over subtitle customization.

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Work Report

Week: 1 and 2

  • Create a class to handle subtitles
  • Write a parser for SRT and ASS/SSA subtitle file formats
  • Create a basic list model to store the subtitles

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Week: 3 and 4

  • Write a very basic QML display of subtitles
  • Begin work on the integration of the backend with the frontend

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