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Integrating the MyPaint Brush Engine with Krita


MyPaint developers have separated out their brush engine in the form of a library, libmypaint. Artists like MyPaint brushes a lot and it would be good to integrate the same as a new brush engine within Krita brush engine subsystem.

The project has two objectives:

  1. To integrate the MyPaint brush engine in the form of a new brush engine in Krita, enable it to load the MyPaint brushes from system and use them for painting in Krita.
  2. To implement a preset editor to edit existing brushes and also create new ones.

By the end of the project, Krita will have a new brush engine that can be used for painting with MyPaint brushes and also create and edit them.

Project Goals

  • Implement a new brush engine in Krita
         STATUS: Complete
  • Enable Krita to load installed MyPaint brushes from the system.
         STATUS: Complete
  • Implement a preset editor for editing and creating MyPaint brushes.
         STATUS: Complete
  • Documenting the brush engine.
         STATUS: Complete

Work Report

Implement a new brush engine in Krita

The first step in achieving the MyPaint Brush integration in Krita was to implement a new brush engine which makes use of Libmypaint apis at the backend for painting. This brush engine will serve as a wrapper to the one provided by MyPaint and help libmypaint in interfacing with the Krita system.

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 25 May - 29 June

Spray brush

Calligraphy Brush

Particules Brush

Enable Krita to load MyPaint Brushes

The newly available MyPaint brush engine is of no use if it can't load installed MyPaint brushes from the system. So, we want to enable Krita to load these brushes.

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 20 June - 29 June

Loaded MyPaint Brushes

Implement Preset Editor

This aims at creating a preset editor, pretty similar to the one preset in Krita already. This will help in creating new MyPaint brushes and modify the existing ones. Just think, what good a brush would be if we can't even change it's size or paint color .

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 30 June- 23 July

MyPaint Brush Engine Preset Editor

Documenting the Brush Engine

This completed recently. Had to create a document to help users to know about the settings that MyPaint brush engine provides. This has to added in the brush engine section of Krita Manual. The only problem with this is that mypaint is pretty complex and there is no good documentation available even on MyPaint's website. So, this is still a problem that the usability of this document is a bit minimal given that the terminologies used are pretty complicated for a beginner.

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 24 August - 26 August

What is Complete And What is Left

Most of my project is complete and ready to be merged. Though there are still a few small bugs that need to be resolved. They shouldn't take more than a few days to solve. Once done, the project shall be completely ready.

List of Commits

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Monthly Status Reports

Note: Phase 3 Report will be out on 31st August and will be available through my blog. All my GSoC weekly reports are also present on my blog.

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