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Project Overview

The initial target was to port Qt Labs Calendar to QuickControls2. Due to changes in the structure of the QuickControls2, calendar is now a Marketplace component. The new goal is to update the Calendar extension and make sure that it meets all the QQC2 module standards and supports all features like styling.

Modularity and Simplicity is the main target of the Qt Quick Controls 2. QQC2 have a very broad scope, in that they provide a styling system flexible enough to allow the development of applications that have either a platform-dependent or platform-independent style. That is the reason that C++ is responsible for handling events and logic, and thus the performance is increased, allowing the visual QML layer to be a simple, declarative layer on top. This is of course reflected in the structure of the controls project: all visual implementations sit in the imports folder, so that developers who want to create their own complete style can do it easily. Because of the above, updating the Calendar widget to Qt Quick Controls 2 standards is something essential and will have a significant impact for the Qt users.

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Name: Agisilaos Kounelis
Email: [email protected]
GitHub: https://github.com/kounelisagis

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