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Go language support in KDevelop

I'm working on Go language support in KDevelop. KDevelop is a cross-platform IDE with awesome plugins support and possibility to implement support for various build systems and languages. The Go language is an cross-platform open-source compiled statically-typed language which tends to be simple and readable, and mainly targets console apps and network services.

My project aims on improving overall stability of Go support, making it to cover more specific scenarios and making user experience more pleasurable. That consist of providing building (via go build), launching, formatting (via go fmt) and linting (via gometalinter) support.

More information is available in my proposal.


Work reports

Future work

There is some work remaining related to implementing various customization options for building and linting; but all of these features are rather simple - mostly related to GUI handling and passing parameters to console tools.

Because of that such improvements can be a good tasks for average Google Code-In students (or a Junior Jobs for everyone else) - they would be rather simple in implementing on one hand; but they provide ability to became familiar with working with GUI in KDE projects and overall process of submitting patch on the other hand.

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