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Develop a showcase of Krita's new scripting support - Krita

  • 1. Scripts to execute in the interactive GUI

It’s an important part of this work, that in the end, we have a set of scripts to be executed in the Interactive GUI (https://phabricator.kde.org/T4551), that’s a task in progress, but that works properly like a simple python editor where you can execute python scripts and debug then as well. These scripts are more simple, something to play with the API without PyQt (https://riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/intro).

  • 2. Python plugins to Krita

Sometimes this code can be more difficult to implement and need to be more organized inside a better structure or in more files to make easier to maintain this of some way. In this cases, we need to implement some python plugins that can be executed with a simple click of the mouse. Implement these plugins also can be a start to more developers that don’t code C++, but are interested in contributing to the community. They can see these plugins already implemented.

  • 3. Extend libkis

As a natural consequence of implement new plugins using the API (libkis), we will need to extend and adjust some parts of the API to attending this demand. I’m intending to implement this changes with help of my mentor.

Work Status


  • Scripter Improvements
  • Color Space Plugin
  • Canvas SIze Plugin
  • Filter Manager Plugin
  • Simple scripts defined previously in the task
  • Plugin to export all the layers (batch)
  • Document Tools Plugin
  • Fix and Improve Ten Brushes Plugin
  • Last Documents Thumbnails Docker
  • Implement Ten Scripts Plugin


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