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Finishing started activities with GCompris

The project will aim in completing the started activities in GCompris. It will be aimed to complete the following activities:

1. Oware (Single and two player mode)

2. Computer parts

3. Piano composition and note names.


GSoC Proposal



Oware is an abstract strategy game in which each player has 6 houses filled with 4 seeds each. The players have to capture the seeds from their opponents. The player who capture the most wins the game.


1. Added a generic tutorial mode which can be used with any activity directly with few lines of code.

2. Implemented and completed the two player mode.

3. Completed animations for movement of seeds while sowing.

4. Added animations for scores but yes to be polished and finished.

5. Added AI mode using alpha beta pruning, difficult needs to be improved.


Tutorial.png Oware tutorial

OwareLayout.png Oware Layout

OwareScores.png Scoring in Qware

Note Names


Note names is an activity to help a child identify names of the notes, in bass and treble clef, with the help of sounds and colors


1. Improved instructions and overall layout for different sizes.

2. Added a seperate play levels and play scale button for introduction levels.

3. Fixed keyboard controls.

4. Added reload button.

5. Improved highlight of notes in options.

6. Fixed playing of notes on clicked.

7. Added all the levels, highlighting of notes when played in level 1 and level 11 to be fixed.


NoteNamesIntro.png Note names free scale level

NoteNamesLevels.png Note names levels

Piano composition


Piano composition aims in teaching the basics of music with the help of teaching playing different notes on the piano.


1. Improved the layout.

2. Added initial levels.

3. Added keyboard controls

4. Improved and add the options like change of clef with better position.


PianoComposition.png Piano composition layout


1. Oware branch

2. Musical activities branch

3. Phabricator Oware

4. Phabricator note names

Blog Posts


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Note names


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