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Project Overview

Project Name: WikiToLearn Desktop Client

A Brief Description: A Qt(c++)/QML app for offline usage and browsing of WikiToLearn. . The client should be able to -search a page

-save a page offline

- read the offline pages

- update or delete a pages

Status: : Completed

All the above mentioned features ( searching , storage , browsing and managing pages ) have been successfully implemented .


Telegram Nick: @jayaditya

Telegram Channels: WikiToLearn Tech, WikiToLearn Gsoc , WTL Desktop client .

This is awesome about GSoC: GSoC 2016 gave me an opportunity to work with experts in the open source community . It was really a great experience in creating an open source software knowing that people will use it , contribute to it . I got a chance to start a whole new project by myself ( and of course with my Mentors help ) .

This is what I learned during GSoC:

  • QML
  • Qt Framework
  • How to use wikitolearn / mediawiki API
  • GIT
  • Agile Development
  • SQLite Database
  • Model-view programming
  • Debugging ( learned to use GDB and qt debugger )
  • Project Management ( following timeline , deadline )

Work report




Proof of concept

Working Demo