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Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)

Project Name: Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)

A Brief Description: For GSoC 2016, my goal was to port two activities from the old version of GCompris ("Crane" and "Paint") to the new Qt version. Another activity on my list was "Alphabetical Order". Besides finishing these three activities mentioned in my proposal, i brought an improvement to an activity i already ported and was merged in the master before GSoC - "PhotoHunter Help feature" and i finished "Share", a creation of mine, designed to help children learn the division of numbers.

Status: all activities are Completed

  • Merged:
    • Crane
  • Still in testing (minor bugs that need fixing)
    • Alphabetical Order
    • PhotoHunter - add help feature
    • Share
    • TuxPaint


  • Alphabetical Order:
  • PhotoHunter - Help Mode:
  • Share:
  • TuxPaint:
  • Crane:

IRC Nick: StefanT29

IRC Channels: #GCcompris, #Qt-Quick, #Qt


This is awesome about GSoC: GSoC gave me the opportunity to develop myself, to firstly do research and try solving my problems on my own, while knowing at the same time that i always have someone i can ask for help if i'm stuck.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

  • Qml
  • JavaScript
  • Qt
  • Git
  • HTML5 Canvas2D / QML Canvas 2D

Work report

Phabricator link:

Phabricator tasks:

Commits on merged activities:

Active branches (with activities not yet merged):

For more detailed description on each activity, please check my blog posts.