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Project Overview

Project Name: WikiToLearn collaborative editor

A Brief Description: This extension is build to enable the real-time collaborative editing feature for WikiToLearn. It would allow multiple people to edit and make changes on wiki at a same time. The host user can invite all others by sharing the invite link for that particular wiki page. The main idea is to have something similar to Google Docs, ShareLatex, SageMathCloud editing experience.

Status: Completed

Screencast of working project : YouTube

Screencast of enhancement test : YouTube


Getting the invite link to edit collaboratively with others for that particular page :

People editing collaboratively on editor :

Supports rich text elements :

Work report

Screencast of working extension : YouTube : Here

Documents : Published the extension on MediaWiki :

Code Overview : Here

Blog :

Telegram Nick: sagarhani

Telegram Channels: WikiToLearn Tech, WikiToLearn, WikiToLearn GSoC, KDE-Soc