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Extending animation features in Krita

The project aimed to extend animation support in Krita. Animation can now be used for layer opacity, transform masks and the area of masks and adjustment layers. Keyframe channels with scalar values (e.g. layer opacity) can be interpolated using constant, linear or cubic Bezier interpolation.

A new editor allows the interpolation curves to be adjusted. The editor displays all scalar channels associated with the currently selected layer, color-coded for clarity.

Experimental support for keyframing transform masks was implemented. Support for interpolation exists in the free transform mode. This allows creation of basic cut-out animations.


Work report

The features described above were implemented, but have received limited testing and debugging due to time constraints.

Further work needs to be done to make transform mask keyframing complete and stable. The curve editor has some minor issues, but has all the essential functionality. Both of these features could be naturally extended further for ease of use.


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