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Project Overview

Project Name: Julia backend for Cantor

A Brief Description: The goal of the project is to implement Julia support for Cantor worksheet application with folowing features: command execution, variable management, syntax-highlighting, inline plotting and binding to existing wizards.


  • Completed :
    • Command execution
      • Error handling
      • Interrupt handling
      • Multiline input
      • Syntax errors
      • Unit-tests
    • Syntax highlighting
      • Simple keyword highlighting
      • Highlighting based on extracted symbols and their types
      • Correct highlighting of string literals and comments (ported also to Python backend)
    • Variable management
      • Showing available variables
      • Saving, loading, clearing, adding new variable
      • Caching of modules variables for faster update
    • Inline plots
      • Unit-tests
    • Tab-completion
      • Unit-tests
      • Accounts current context, not simply showing all known symbols
    • Bindings for linear algebra and plotting wizards



This is what I learned during GSoC:

  • Working with Phabricator
  • Get deeper knowledge of Qt5
  • Get familiar with KDEFrameworks
  • Understanding good Julia internals, especially part connected with embedding
  • More advanced Git stuff, like rebases

Work report