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A Brief Description

From KDE website, KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage disk devices, partitions and file systems on your computer. However, that definition is only partially true because KPM, now, also helps manage your Logical Volume Manager (LVM) after this GSoC project. It aimed to bring fully featured LVM-support to KDE Partition Manager and Calamares.

Work Report

Both KDE Partition Manager and Calamares depend on KPMCore library for their partitions and filesystem logic. Because of that, the works span across different repositories.


The initial design of KPMCore didn't leave room to extend Device class or many operations to work with it because it didn't have to. KPM was designed to work with disk device. So, to extend LVM, at the start of the project we spent a bunch of time discussing and refactoring to a new design that would work nicely with other parts of the code without too many special cases. There was also the hidden cost of implementing and fixing bugs of LUKS over LVM and vise versa.

After a lot of cleanups, documentations and optimizations. Primary LVM operations are now functional, implemented and merged into the master branch of KPMCore.

A lot of changes; including the new VolumeWidget, VolumeDialog, and their derived classes; were also introduced to partitionmanager to bring the new LVM support to KDE users.

If you want to a more detailed report about the works, you can also read my weekly reports (link below) that I sent to my 2 mentors over the GSoC period.

What's Next ?

  • Extend LVM support for Calamares.
  • working on more advanced LVM operations.
  • Hopefully, I will also have time to work on SoftRAID as well.

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