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About Me

Name: Ayush Shah

Freenode IRC: ayushshah

Blog: Ayush Shah

Minuet Mobile

Minuet is a KDE application for music education. With the rise in number of mobile phones, the main aim of the project is to develop an Android application that has the same features as that of the Desktop version.

Work report

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Project repository
Project submission
Project Meetings Report
Mentor's Report

Project Overview

Status: Completed (Minuet Mobile has been released and is available on Google Play Store).


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This is awesome about GSoC: The satisfaction you get when your application will be useful to so many music lovers. Working with awesome people in the KDE community. Getting to learn more about how Open Source program work.

This is what I learned during GSoC: During the GSoC period, I learned a lot about the huge KDE community. I also learned about the technologies used such as cmake, Qt and Qml.

Future Plans

1. Internationalize the application for all music lovers. This will be done using Ki18n.

2. Make it available on Android Marshmallow and other platforms.

3. Improve the User interface.