Screenshot Gallery

This is a screenshot gallery of KDE software running on FreeBSD, from very old versions (of both KDE and FreeBSD) to the most modern.

Tobias Berner's Plasma Desktop 5.3.2
De tcberner plasma532.png
Running on 11.0-CURRENT, showcasing a dual-monitor setup with Konqueror, digiKam, Dolphin, KInfoCenter and Cantata.
[email protected]'s KDE SC 4.7.4
En avilla kde474-2.png
Running on 10.0-CURRENT, showing several network applications: Konversation for IRC, KDE Telepathy for instant messaging, and two plasmoids for Twitter and RSS feeds.
Maxim Ignatenko's KDE 4.2.0
Uk maximignatenko kde420-1.png
With Ukrainian localization running on 8.0-CURRENT, showing System Settings and some plasmoids.
Andy Fawcett's KDE 4.1.0
En andyfawcett kde410-1.png
Showing a KDE 3 application (Konversation) and several KDE 4 applications.

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