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Contributing to Qt 5 for KF 5.1 epic

Quite some effort goes into Qt 5 in order to push into Qt some of the features which should be in Qt and not in KDE Frameworks. Usually because all Qt apps would benefit from them even outside the KDE world, and because this cuts dependencies between the KDE frameworks.

Status Description Contact
TO DO QSqueezedTextLabel, or squeezing in QLabel null <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QFileSystemWatcher: support for watching non-existing files. Reviving an old Qt patch for this might work:,19274 David Faure, Mark Gaiser <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QCompleter: many missing features compared to KCompletion. Look at the completion model in as a possible replacement which would also work for QML. ? <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS QLocalSocket/QLocalServer: support for abstract unix sockets. See,73977 for the work in progress Rich Moore
TO DO KProcess::setShellCommand (see also KShell) features in Qt. Ossi says: look at importing QtcProcess from QtCreator to replace QProcess ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO KProcess ForwardOnlyStdErr/ForwardOnlyStdOut features in Qt (Ossi has 7 years old unfinished patches, someone needs to take over that) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QCursor: auto-hide support (see KCursor API), plus styleHint to enable this in QLineEdit/QTextEdit (and let users turn this on/off in KConfig) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QCursor: theme support ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QSystemTray: support for the new dbus protocol (see KStatusNotifierItem) ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE recursive filtering in QSortFilterProxyModel Filipe Azevedo
TO DO QPoTranslator (support for .po files, and locating them with QStandardPaths, so that libs can load them?) ?? <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS QTimeZone John Layt
DONE qDebug with categories (qCDebug) Kai Koehne
TO DO QLocale John Layt <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Printing John Layt <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Merge KStandardShortcut and QKeySequence::StandardKey ?? <{{{3}}}>
DONE Make sure we have a QAction independent of QtWidgets in QtGui Qt6
TO DO Support for timer-based auto-selection in QAbstractItemView (triggered by styleHint, like QStyle::SH_ItemView_ActivateItemOnSingleClick triggers single-click mode) ?? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Make sure QTextBrowser automatically follows KDE settings for the wheel button behavior (scroll vs zoom) via backend ?? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO KSsl*/QSsl* merge Richard Moore <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Make it possible to create plugins for handling url's for QDesktopServices::openUrl ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE Methods for associating mimetypes with imageformats in QImageReader/Writer (replacing last bits of KImageIO) Allan Sandfeld Jensen
TO DO Add plugin version to QPluginLoader (see KPluginLoader::version()) <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QPluginLoader::findPlugin(), like KPluginLoader::findPlugin() <{{{3}}}>