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The meeting rooms at Demola are very small, and will be unsuitable for many BoFs. There is, however, a great deal of space in the main rooms (on two floors). There are three projectors available in the main space, and it is expected that whiteboards and movable partitions will create good working areas for larger BoFs.

What follows is a provisional timetable for three areas, plus a blank area where you can plan other BoFs. It is expected that unplanned BoFs will happen, but there is no lack of space for them. The point of using this table would be where groups from a wide range of interests are expected to want to attend - "we must discuss at Akademy" subjects. This will enable better planning for interested parties.

Scheduled BoFs may be swapped - but please do not alter anything without consulting with the people affected. Have particular caution about Tuesday meetings, since some people need to meet airline schedules. Please add a primary contact name in the Notes section.

If your BoF requires a projector or any other equipment, please mention in the Notes section.

BoF sessions on Thursday, July 8th 2010

Area 1
Time Subject Notes
09:30 Encouraging Women into KDE Camila Ayres
10:30 Community Questions and Answers Lydia Pintscher
12:00 Lunch

Area 2
Time Subject Notes
11:00 ownCloud Frank Karlitschek

Area 3
Time Subject Notes
12:00 Lunch

Area 4
Time Subject Notes
09:30 Please enter your subject and edit times if necessary

There will be no scheduled BoFs on Thursday afternoon, due to the trip.

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