28ec05d - move the playing indicator to be first on line and align titles <Matthieu Gallien>

585daea - prepare for 0.2 release at the end of the week <Matthieu Gallien>

2f92463 - fix appstream metadata for Elisa documentation <Matthieu Gallien>

c39fb6c - unmerge albums by using the paths of their tracks <Matthieu Gallien>

033e5ce - fix artist being empty when they are only used as album artists <Matthieu Gallien>

9a678f0 - Hide stars when there is no rating <Diego Gangl>

24d1a78 - unbreak windows platform integration <Alexander Stippich>

289683b - use new icons from Breeze to indicate pauses and playing status <Matthieu Gallien>

7131361 - remove useless #include in trackdatahelper.cpp <Matthieu Gallien>

a5de989 - put back MediaTrackMetadataView back to its previous state <Matthieu Gallien>

ac8860e - fix issues generated by 82e3d9466917a3f6ca7a7a9f5b6461c903471e9a in album view <Matthieu Gallien>

ae76b0e - fix management of the current item in album view <Matthieu Gallien>

0b1cb8f - makes path returned by TrackDataHelper looks local when they are local <Matthieu Gallien>

82e3d94 - fix first cover not shown when restoring a playlist at start of Elisa <Matthieu Gallien>

59e32f4 - fix windows Theme component <Matthieu Gallien>

31abfe2 - export FileBrowserModel to allow to use it from other parts <Matthieu Gallien>

8d57d99 - include our own header first in cpp file (as suggested by ebn.kde.org) <Matthieu Gallien>

15180fd - increase the delay we wait for some signals in autotests <Matthieu Gallien>

144651f - fix include guard in elisaqmlplugin.h <Matthieu Gallien>

333966c - remove duplicated #include <Matthieu Gallien>

f804fd7 - fix display of the all genres view <Matthieu Gallien>

5ce76af - filter by genre the list of albums from an artist when in genre browsing <Matthieu Gallien>

f1421e3 - add genre filtering or genre data to all models and proxy <Matthieu Gallien>

843d326 - when genre, composer or lyricist are empty, store a really empty value <Matthieu Gallien>

c7d2eb2 - fix indentation on databaseinterface.cpp <Matthieu Gallien>

88cd414 - an artist can have multiple genres so put an s to the attribute name <Matthieu Gallien>

7373810 - retrieve from database the list of genres of an album <Matthieu Gallien>

a64805f - properly register DataType and GenericDataModel for usage in qml <Matthieu Gallien>

5edd3f8 - use an enum class for DataType to avoid having global values <Matthieu Gallien>

088aea1 - also emit switchView at start of ViewSelector <Matthieu Gallien>

7273646 - correct icon used in genre delegates <Matthieu Gallien>

c5125bc - fix several issues caused by the use of loaders for the music views <Matthieu Gallien>

889533e - old models cannot have partial data, lets update the code for that <Matthieu Gallien>

f449d2b - when showing all artists, reset the genre filter <Matthieu Gallien>

9610c57 - use standard roles from elisautils.h in all artists and albums models <Matthieu Gallien>

810a250 - add missing datatype.h file with common definitions for GenericDataModel <Matthieu Gallien>

e356134 - introduce AllGenresModel model for the genres built like other models <Matthieu Gallien>

9da3fb4 - move back to using the old models <Matthieu Gallien>

ffc5e2c - fix some small annoyances with the NavigationActionBar <Matthieu Gallien>

ec8810f - ensure we get the proper qt quick controls 2 style <Matthieu Gallien>

1433475 - Tweak size and color of handles for the seek/volume sliders <Diego Gangl>

5ca7d62 - not necessary to prefix connect by QObject:: <Matthieu Gallien>

a928d25 - fix warnings by static code checkers <Matthieu Gallien>

8dff829 - fix minor issues reported by clazy <Matthieu Gallien>

88e4207 - allow to filter by genre in all artsist proxy model <Matthieu Gallien>

59e5ab1 - use roles from elisautils.h in the tests for all tracks model <Matthieu Gallien>

59b7004 - use the common roles from elisautils.h in the all tracks model <Matthieu Gallien>

6790adc - makes ModelDataCache exports the list of genres of an artist <Matthieu Gallien>

ab9d7ff - export ModelDataCache and GenericDataModel to add automatic tests <Matthieu Gallien>

c93f1e1 - fetch all genres of tracks from an artist <Matthieu Gallien>

208a7c7 - add genres list in MusicArtist to know all genres authored by it <Matthieu Gallien>

5fba99d - finish navigation for genres -> artists -> albums -> tracks views <Matthieu Gallien>

dd84041 - Remove multiple usage of SQL parameter <Mykola Krachkovsky>

d8a4039 - when no views is shown, ensure we unload them all <Matthieu Gallien>

54cb18c - ViewManager is reponsible of pushing views and poping views <Matthieu Gallien>

f69a290 - mainly fix navigation between the different views <Matthieu Gallien>

c14e351 - fixes for file browser <Alexander Stippich>

99bf5c2 - fix several issued caused by the use of loaders for the music views <Matthieu Gallien>

e656cf3 - implement sorting <Alexander Stippich>

b90ea1e - fix after last merge <Matthieu Gallien>

e0e62a3 - initial genre view mode <Matthieu Gallien>

b4fa37e - use more appropriate icon names for the tracks and play list views <Matthieu Gallien>

985e203 - fix repeat and random play after last commits <Matthieu Gallien>

d17f8f5 - add types <Alexander Stippich>

4aeb50a - fix compilation <Alexander Stippich>

e91e803 - add files <Alexander Stippich>

fc0479a - file browser <Alexander Stippich>

c786495 - add methods and signals needed to implement a genre model in database <Matthieu Gallien>

9b44b1d - move header bar and control manager to c++ <Alexander Stippich>

4f6142b - use loaders to delay creation of the views until they are shown <Matthieu Gallien>

cc0d45e - cleanup remnants of playlistcontroler <Alexander Stippich>

de322b9 - fix rating in metadata view and reload if data changes <Alexander Stippich>

204658b - another batch of modifications to allow building a genre model <Matthieu Gallien>

0971014 - fix display of shadows behing images in the grid view <Matthieu Gallien>

b7951b5 - add nice fallbacks in case the model does not define all roles <Matthieu Gallien>

66122c6 - use loaders to delay creation of the views until they are shown <Matthieu Gallien>

4289fca - try to fix windows craft build <Matthieu Gallien>

314be22 - Design tweaks for the PlayerBar <Diego Gangl>

42744f2 - try to fix windows craft build <Matthieu Gallien>

8aa069c - ensure that the model gets data when database has the data <Matthieu Gallien>

7c35d88 - expect test failure when watching files does not work <Matthieu Gallien>

fb91ca6 - use filename as fallback for title <Alexander Stippich>

e8f94b2 - always fill metadata during scanning <Alexander Stippich>

afde8b9 - fix one compilation problem on Windows <Matthieu Gallien>

72c8914 - restore the "new" icon name for removing tracks from playlist <Matthieu Gallien>

d5a4d2b - avoid scanning a file again if it has not been modified <Matthieu Gallien>

937c8aa - add style fallback <Alexander Stippich>

0d2e1f4 - [WIP] introduce GenericDataModel and ModelDataCache to have a generic model <Matthieu Gallien>

3f97827 - Sidebar design changes <Diego Gangl>

93c13b4 - try to implement GenericDataModel <Matthieu Gallien>

cab94c5 - introduce GenericDataModel and ModelDataCache to have a generic model <Matthieu Gallien>

d1adcc9 - check old files that have been removed when restoring existing tracks <Matthieu Gallien>

cfbd322 - avoid scanning a file again if it has not been modified <Matthieu Gallien>

1d9aa89 - ensure we get correct behavior on application start with existing tracks <Matthieu Gallien>

eb4bfad - avoid scanning a file again if it has not been modified <Matthieu Gallien>

28acff2 - share code between file scanners <Alexander Stippich>

4ffe418 - add interface to mediaplaylist for list of track urls <Alexander Stippich>

0166d1e - update elisa icon to match the official one from breeze icon theme <Matthieu Gallien>

17cc656 - switch to elisa application icon and remove the workaround for icons <Matthieu Gallien>

d41c7e0 - move manageaudio to c++ <Alexander Stippich>

0181bf1 - update the copyright in the about dialogue <Matthieu Gallien>

78444c2 - add a test for PlayListEntry <Matthieu Gallien>

3e91f0e - let lyricist, composer and genre be null when not defined <Matthieu Gallien>

b6fdb19 - starts storing genre in their own table to prepare for more <Matthieu Gallien>

b5a0f6b - starts storing lyricists in their own table to prepare for more <Matthieu Gallien>

b7c4412 - starts storing composers in their own table to prepare for more <Matthieu Gallien>

2b4adb3 - start to store the modification time for files in the database <Matthieu Gallien>

8de49da - implement stop for MPRIS <Alexander Stippich>

68c1051 - remove sorting in baloo indexer, now done in the models <Alexander Stippich>

a794e81 - fix compilation after e2d4245770d4e5dcbc3bfa4e86b850fdb971afcb <Matthieu Gallien>

e2d4245 - add debug output when failing to watch a path <Matthieu Gallien>

7ac9292 - fix optional dependencies being really optional <Matthieu Gallien>

3590e92 - baloo is really optional <Matthieu Gallien>

baf7182 - link to Qt5::DBus if it is found (may be needed to build correctly) <Matthieu Gallien>

494104a - fix installation of the qml plugin <Matthieu Gallien>

2a82160 - fix builds without dbus (Windows for example) <Matthieu Gallien>

9a7d8e2 - extend MusicAudioTrack constructor to include lyricist and update tests <Matthieu Gallien>

11b685b - push almost all c++ code to a qml plugin for use by Elisa and the tests <Matthieu Gallien>

ed1dcc5 - extend MusicAudioTrack constructor to include composer and update tests <Matthieu Gallien>

4e04554 - extend MusicAudioTrack constructor to include composer and update tests <Matthieu Gallien>

b36a926 - implement and enable sorting in the views <Alexander Stippich>

52e5fb0 - fix issues with ListBrowserView <Alexander Stippich>

55f4f92 - remove DatabaseInterface::trackAdded signals to improve performance <Matthieu Gallien>

a791467 - DatabaseInterface: replace lots of signal ArtistAdded by one ArtistsAdded <Matthieu Gallien>

7be7098 - implement a generic listview <Alexander Stippich>

3c7a7ee - extend MusicAudioTrack constructor to allow adding the genre <Matthieu Gallien>

358202f - use the same set of tracks for database automatic tests <Matthieu Gallien>

4dd62d6 - use kpackage_install_bundled_package instead of the deprecated function <Matthieu Gallien>

602a686 - Aggressively look for cover files <Kevin Ottens>

18768b8 - Also sort artists by name <Kevin Ottens>

b02848a - Don't take case into account when sorting albums <Kevin Ottens>

05ef54a - fixes warnings reported by clang or clazy (from QtCreator) <Matthieu Gallien>

9f883a7 - remove autotests/qmltests/qmldir useless and makes elisaqmltests fail <Matthieu Gallien>

956ebc7 - before leaving testRestorePlayListAndSettingsAutomaticPlay wait for a signal <Matthieu Gallien>

3d2ebc8 - bump version number for the next bugfix release <Matthieu Gallien>

a3c42b0 - add the stable releases to the appdata file <Matthieu Gallien>

17edcbf - implement shortcut to toggle filter view <Alexander Stippich>

c3481ab - search for more cover names in directory <Alexander Stippich>

f6df582 - remove the huge playlist icon <Alexander Stippich>

99faf73 - use shared code for searching for cover <Alexander Stippich>

49b1f41 - set elide property in view selector <Alexander Stippich>

15c48d6 - bump version and copyright <Matthieu Gallien>

c10811c - we release 0.1 version <Matthieu Gallien>

904025f - remove useless linker flags when building executables: may fix OSX build <Matthieu Gallien>

c08adbc - clip on the rectangle containing the GridView instead of the view itself <Matthieu Gallien>

58068fe - increase min width of Elisa window <Alexander Stippich>

12c1c90 - ignore Qt5::DBus depedency on windows: not needed <Matthieu Gallien>

fccddd9 - ensure the play button in play list acts like a normal play button <Matthieu Gallien>

b8df789 - fix management of volume and muted in ElisaMainWindow <Matthieu Gallien>

e57a14c - small adjustments after refactoring <Alexander Stippich>

dc6a116 - use a proper slot to trigger pause from mpris2 interface <Matthieu Gallien>

f50178e - factor out content view into own file <Alexander Stippich>

930add3 - remove unused files <Alexander Stippich>

b2b338b - artist, album artist, genre composer and lyricist can be strings list: fix Elisa <Matthieu Gallien>

d6860f0 - move audiowrapper to c++ <Alexander Stippich>

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