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Adding New Blueprints

Blueprints are stored in separate repositories. At the moment there are these repositories:

To navigate to this repository on your local file system:

cs craft-blueprints-kde

If you want to add a new blueprint first of all you have to choose the right location (e.g. kde apps are located in the kde folder.

The name of the package folder needs to match the blueprint name. An example would be kdegraphics-mobipocket\


import info

class subinfo(info.infoclass):
    # TODO
    def setDependencies( self ):
        # Defines the blueprints this blueprint depends on
    def setTargets(self):
        # TODO

from Package.CMakePackageBase import * # The package base

class Package(CMakePackageBase):
    # TODO
    def __init__(self):
        # TODO



Package Base

See for available package bases


Apply Patches


Check for Compiler/OS

If you want to run a command based on the current environment you can use CraftCore.compiler

if CraftCore.compiler.isWindows:
    # do something only on windows
if not CraftCore.compiler.isGCC:
    # don't do something with GCC

Take a look at to see all available options

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