Communication Cycle for the KDE Software Compilation

Currently, we have a fixed 6 month cycle for the KDE software compilation. Our promo cycle is designed to keep pace with that development rhythm. For each 4.x release, the promotional messaging will roughly meet up with the development cycle in this manner (times are relative to the release date):

  • -2 months: Promo team gathers key talking points for promo around the release. Feature freeze should be around this time, so it's a good opportunity to start rounding up the interesting features and improvements. Work begins on thematic messaging. Publicity levels are lowered slightly to provide a "pause" between the current release and the next one to avoid overexposure or confusing mingling of "now" and "coming" messaging.
  • -1 month: betas and release candidates are being released at this point and we release our first "why you're going to love this next release" articles, interviews, etc. The drum banging begins! During this time, the release announcement, feature tours, screencasts, etc. are readied.
  • Release month! Press releases and supporting promo assets are sent out and we spread the word far and wide. Getting our "good answers for hot topics" points out amongst the community is a focus.
  • Months +1-3: each month, a new "patch level" release is made and we continue to focus on the current release in our interviews and articles. Questions about the next release(s) should be met with positive and curiosity-inducing answers, but should not be allowed to become the focus of any articles or interviews during this time period. Focus on the now is most important to get people trying this release instead of waiting for the next.

As can be seen, the promo cycle is offset by two months as compared to the KDE Software Compilation cycle.

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