Commit Digest/Developer guidelines

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Some notes for developers on how to increase chances that a commit message is included in the Digest:

  • add a description text why a commit is interesting (see examples below),
  • most of the description text should be understandable for non-programmers,
  • refer to a bug report / wishlist item (if applicable),
  • reference a screenshot / blog posting,
  • include the "DIGEST" keyword (note: all capital letters) in your commit message.

Examples of good commit message

The examples (1), (2) contain a one-liner summary and an explanation about the problem that is solved with the commit. In both cases the text is understandable for non-programmers.

(1) Re-add KFind shortcut for the Dolphin KPart

When the searching has been integrated into Dolphin the "Find File..." entry had been removed from the Tools menu. Re-add it into the Dolphin KPart so that it is still available for Konqueror.

(2) Let each DolphinMainWindow run in a custom process

A possible crash in one Dolphin window should not result in crashing other Dolphin windows. Beside this it also prevents issues with modal dialogs or notifications.