Commit Digest/Bugs and wishes

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Add the bugs you find that Danny is unaware of here (also send an email to danny AT commit-digest _DOT_ org so I know about it!):


  • remove articles from "Pending Feature Articles" is missing


  • add a "DIGEST" tag, allowing developers to highlight interesting commits
  • link Git commits to the corresponding entries in (e.g. [1] to allow for seeing the details of the commit)
  • add commits that were to late as an extra section "after deadline" to the most current digest ([2])

Danny's ToDo List

Many of these will only mean something to Danny, but here are the things on his personal Enzyme todo list:

  • "hide section" support
  • add "remove" bit for classifiers
  • add disable logins button
  • add feature articles to dot announce
  • add opt in / out checkbox for review filtering (and setting to allow / disallow this!)
  • cache commit path filters, delete cache on update
  • change success:false to login:false if not logged in, then prompt relogin
  • commit overview (diffs, etc) for Git commits
  • integrate linked diffs to
  • decrement repositories counter display on remove
  • email to dot-editors on publish
  • feed for num commits
  • fix setup
  • green border on save where possible
  • improvements to sorting, jump to new item in features UI
  • link detection in commit messages
  • log digests UI removes, create deleted when we also create messages
  • more sophisticated commits apportioning system, based on number of people logged in
  • possible html rendering escaping issue in reviewui (see van loon email)
  • support DIGEST, FEATURE tag (marco: not sure FEATURE should be supported, e.g., the plasma guys seem to use the keyword to point out new internal API functions/methods which often are not too interesting for a wider audience)
  • support SSL flag for imap in setup UI
  • warn if there are commits still to be reviewed/classified for digest date