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Initially, it will be started in Changsha and then we can start the same program in other cities in China. It will be better to localize the KDE Network in Chinese. All the marketing material in English can be translated and printed locally.

Members of the Group

  • Currently, the team includes Mina, Burgess Chang, Leslie Zhai and Guo Yunhe.
  • We need more people to join the team.
  • It can be a team of 5-10 people depending if we can find more people otherwise we will reduce the number.

Public Channels/Information pages

Create a focal point for the KDE Network Changsha team. Create public information pages, channels and mailing lists. This will help other people from Changsha to get in touch with the KDE Network Changsha team. The Wiki page should be updated if there are any new initiatives/changes.




Meetings (Main members, Volunteers, Advisory Committee)

  • This will be decided later.


  • This will be decided later.

Events and Participation

We want to increase our community and outreach in China, including:

  • Brand awareness about KDE.
  • Increase and engage new contributors.
  • Increase the number of end-users.

This will be achieved by

  • Promoting and representing KDE locally.
  • Attending events on behalf of KDE.
  • Being a point of contact for locals who would like to join KDE.
  • Reaching out to universities for guest lectures etc.

Reporting of Meeting Minutes and Initiatives

All the meeting minutes and summaries of the initiatives/events should be available online for the public. Reports of their work can be posted quarterly/yearly so other groups can use similar initiatives/strategies. Dot story or Wiki can be used to record it.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • This will be decided later.

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