Calligra/Summer Of Code/2007

General ideas for the Summer of Code 2007

Googles Summer of Code asks the students to come up with projects. Naturally, we aim to give guidance and ideas. The tasks listed here have been moved to Techbase. This page is now locked to avoid maintaining two pages.

Here are the ideas we wrote ealier;

  • Collaborative editing, see Calligra/Collaboration
  • Grids framework. All applications in KOffice need a grid. A grid is a raster that will be drawn on top of all content on the canvas. This will tightly be integrated with rulers and guides.
  • Kross: implement Java backend. Is this still KOffice-related? Well, propably "improve scripting for KWord/KSpread/Krita/..." could be named as own, more KOffice-related points.
  • Improve OpenDocument compatibility of KSpread/KPresenter/KFormula/...
  • a 3D diagram flake-shape using lib-Eigen
  • KWord master document. This maybe in combination with book-files, which combine a set of individual documents to one book with continues numbering/etc.
  • ) write text-tool plugins.
    1. ) bookmarks plugin.
    2. ) Uppercase Text. Alter the text to be all lowercase, Title Cased, or Capitalised.
    3. ) Replace word. Use a Thesaurus to replace the text with a new one.
      As a non-standard example what about replace-word with a texting-Language. There are many engines on the web that can replace normal text with some sort of funny version.
    4. ) Colorization plugin. For those that publish pieces with sourcecode, being able to colorize text is a really useful tool.
    5. ) An optional plugin that shows a word count in a docker updated continuesly.
  • A flake-plugin that works on vector shapes. It should be a tool, like the gradient tool or the color-picking tool.
    The tool would give you a set of brushes and each brush is defined as an outline only. So you'd have a 10pt wide circle as one brush, and a heart shaped brush as another. The tool will allow the user to 'stamp' or paint using these brushes and can use the Qt4.3 binary path operations to modify the vector shape.
    1. Use case: I get a vector image of snow man and I want to paint a nose and two eyes on it like it were a pixel-based image.
    2. Use case: I want to draw my signature as a vector shape.
  • Extend the Calligra/ShapeSelector to do several more things;
    • make it listen to the clipboard and show a visual representation of the current state.
    • make it possible to drag something (a shape or just some text) off of the canvas onto the shapeSelector where it then gets stored. Also between sessions.
    • make it possible to save a selection of items in the shapeSelector and save them on disk as one 'bundle' so I can send that to someone else.
    • make it possible to load such a bundle from disk.
    • make it possible to connect to a remove storage (a webpage or a samba share etc) using kio on startup and download changed bundles to show in the shape-selector.
  • Add accessibility support to Flake.
  • In KOffice2.0 tables as we know it in 1.x has been removed. The tables for KOffice2 have to be based on the text engine (qt-scribe) which already knows about html-style-tables. The SoC proposal is to extend this and add tables support to KWord again using the ODF specification for the feature list that is required of tables.

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