Calligra/Schedules/How to write meaningful commit messages for the changelog

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This page is Work in progress !

This page is about giving hints on how to write a meaningful commit messages that can be easily use for a filling the change log.


  • Try to think to what a user would want to read, and would understand

The commit message can also contain more specific information that wouldn't belong to the change log, such as, why you delete a pointer and set it to null.

Example of good messages

Example of bad messages

Some example of messages that are useless.

Fix a crash.

We fix dozen of crashes per release, be specific of what was fixed like "Fix a crash when inserting a shape.", or "Fix a crash when loading a .doc document that contains a table.".

Fix some problems
Fix a crash that happen when use KoCoolButton with KoCoolShape

Only developers know about that class, a better message would be "Fix a crash when clicking on the button 'cool' of the 'cool' shape".