Calligra Roadmaps


The 2.4 release of calligra will provide dependable editing of ODF documents with a simple, fun to use GUI.

Open tasks are

  • Testing
   * Zagge: cstester automated testing on cruncher with reporting & roundtripping
   * Zagge: Officeshots on our server
   * Boud:  Squish for desktop testing
  • User interface
   * Inge: create a list of all shapes/apps and what they should do on click (select, activate, send the click through to the tool or not)
   * Fixing the text tool widgets to work nicely
   * UI niggles
  • Core
   * boud: remove dependency on QWidget
   * boud: widgetless notification
   * boud: remove widgets from tool system

Calligra Active

Mission statement:

The first release of Calligra Active will be a capable, performant document, finger-friendly viewer for tablets that can pan and zoom smoothly and display office documents but not PDF.

For the first release (with Calligra 2.4), open tasks are:

   * integreation with the desktop search system
   * Share Like Connect integration
   * include a presentation mode (needs some hacking in stage itself to reuse stage's presentation mode)
   * support search
   * support select
   * support copy

Long term goals are:

   * support PDF (unless plasma active already has a finger-friend pdf viewer, 
     we intend to use the same frontend for finding documents, and poppler for 
     display: possibly reusing harmattan office code, or okular code)
   * support editing of text
   * support editing of graphics

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