Calligra/Policies/Wise men council

The wise men council are elected for a year, there mission is to find a solution when a deadlock appears in a technical discussion by the members of the KOffice community, it covers the whole KOffice, applications and libraries alike.

The current members are Cyrille Berger, Marijn Kruisselbrink and Pierre Stirnweiss, until March 2011.

In case of a conflict, when a consensus is not reached after discussions by the involved party. The [WMC is not supposed to be called each time someone raise an objection. But when discussions have proven to be fruitless developers are invited to seek the advice of the WMC to resolve that conflict.

Then the Council have a delay of one week to give an answer. This delay might be extended by the Council it case one of the member is unreachable (ie holydays, extremely busy that week, etc), but then the council will inform the community of when an answer can be expected. Also it might be extended in case the topic is complicated, in which case it is recommended that the Council send a summary of the several opinions to ensure that it has a full understanding the problem, then member of the community has the right for *one* answer (only one to avoid starting new discussions) to the mail of the Wise Men Council to clarify their position.

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