Calligra/Odf Feedback

This page should be used to document unclear passages, problems and errors of the current Odf file format specification. See also Calligra/KOffice2/ODF Problems

Drawing Content

Section 9.2.7 Circle

When describing the start-angle and the end-angle attributes of the draw:circle element, the text uses the svg namespace, e.g. svg:start-angle, svg:end-angle, but the actual namespace in the relax-ng schema snippet is draw:start-angle and draw:end-angle.

reported to TC (archive), fixed in 1.2-draft3 (text changed to match schema)

Formatting Properties

Section 15.13 Stroke Properties

There is no property for the line cap. This is a property found in almost all graphic programs. Possible values for the stroke-linecap attribute would be flat, square, round.

Thomas requested addition to ODF-TC; proposal. Note that I changed the 'flat' to 'butt' as that's what I think SVG does (according to a quick google search).

There is no property for the miter limit. Svg defines it as stroke-miterlimit (see svg spec section 11.4 Stroke Properties).

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