Calligra/Meetings/November 2008 meeting

KOffice meeting for developers and promo. 8th + 9th of November 2008 (details)


Technical Track

UI Aspect

  • Templates. I'd like to see what different people think about the templates we have now and how we can leverage the template system to make people avoid the custom-document route as much as possible. (Thomas)
  • Dockers; we should all make them be wide and not very tall. Leveraging widescreens and allowing loads of them on the right side. (Thomas)
  • Shape default tool:
  • What to use to modify option, dockers and tool ?
  • Which dockers are visible
  • image shape, how to insert an image ?
  • Toolbox, visible tools ? Mostly in krita
  • Write docker UI guideline


  • Release Critical bugs and application status: define a final release plan (Cyrille)
  • Get a 1.6.4 out and be taught how to do so :) (dipesh)

Marketing Track


  • The overall position of KOffice (ingwa)
  • Target users of KOffice in the short and long term
  • Strength and weaknesses of KOffice -- 2.0 and onwards
  • Relation KOffice <--> KDE
  • Relation Koffice <-->


  • Main message of the release announcement
  • website (Cyrille)
  • PR texts (Alexandra)
  • developer/community lifestream (Alexandra)
  • reorganization of documentation -> mark for move to userbase or techbase (Alexandra)
  • Community building (users, integrators, developers, artists)



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