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KOffice Sprint 2010

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  • June 11th..13th


Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany (they have nice facilities and a pretty good offer for OS meetings). It's near Essen-Horst train station (google maps: [1]). Arrival info: [2]


And for your cultural education: Essen is in the middle of the Ruhr area which is European Capital of Culture this year. Ask Sven or myself about details, we hail from that part of Germany. ;)


Please give your guesstimates on travel costs (closest airports are either Düsseldorf or Dortmund) ASAP.

Due to the volcano outbreak on Iceland, we strongly recommend you to arrange other means of travel than airplane if possible!

Name accomodation needed? travel cost Arrives Leaves sponsorship needed? Travel information
Jaroslaw Staniek Yes 209€
=(68€: Warsaw-Berlin Ost and back)
+(116€: Berlin Ost-Essen Hbf and back)+(25€: Fan BahnCard 25)
Friday Sunday yes trains Warsaw-Berlin-Essen
Inge Wallin Yes ...€ Friday... Sunday... yes ...
Boudewijn Rempt Yes ~54€ Friday... Sunday... yes ...
Jos Vandenoever Yes ~90€ Friday... Sunday... yes ...
Sven Langkamp No 0 - - No commuting from Dortmund
Cyrille Berger Yes 300€ Friday Sunday yes 300€ plane + train, if the volcano keeps sending ashes, probably not coming
Marijn Kruisselbrink Yes ~50€ Friday Sunday yes ...
Thorsten Zachmann Yes ~170€ Friday Sunday yes train from KA
Benjamin Port Yes ~250€ Friday Sunday yes Plane from Toulouse to Düsseldorf (and back) ~250€ then train to Essen
Johannes Simon Yes ~80€ Friday Sunday yes Train from Darmstadt to Essen and back.
Cyril Port Yes ~167€ Friday Sunday yes
Suresh Chande Yes - Friday Sunday no
Lassi Nieminen Yes - Friday Sunday no
Sebastian Sauer Yes - Friday Sunday no
Mirko Böhm Yes - Friday Sunday no
Matus Uzak Yes - Friday Sunday no
Matus Hanzes Yes - Friday Sunday no
Miroslaw Nohaj Yes - Friday Sunday no


The following is a proposed agenda. Each item has a title and the person who suggested it inside parenthesis. It's the responsibility to prepare the discussion around that subject and possibly to send out information in advance. See also the Call for Subjects thread on the mailinglist started at 2010-04-17.

  • Failure and Success (boud)
  • Features Still Missing (thorsten)
  • Mobile / Qt only KOffice (jaroslaw)
  • Filter architecture (ingwa)
  • Font rendering problems (sven)
  • kdchart / koreport / kdgantt (cyrille)
  • Meeting with Microsoft about binary msoffice filters next week (marijn)
  • Website

The order of the above items are not fixed, and can be changed during the start of the meeting.

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