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KOffice Sprint 2009

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Note for everyone from europe: European Parliament election is during the meeting.


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The Meeting will take place June 5-7 at the KDAB Office, Adabertstr. 7/8, Berlin. U-Bahn: Kottbuser Tor.

We will stay at Motel One Berlin-Mitte, Prinzenstr. 40-42, 10969 Berlin.

U-Bahn: Prinzenstraße or Moritzplatz. (map of the area)


Please insert a new row and fill in the columns as explained in the legend.

Name accomodation needed? travel cost Arrives Leaves sponsorship needed? Travel information
Boud Yes 155€ Friday 4:21 AM Monday 16:37 yes From Deventer / Amsterdam by train
Thorsten Zachmann Yes 167€ (booked) Friday Sunday Yes From Stuttgart by plane Arrival: Tegel 19:40 LH301
Cyrille Berger Yes 266€ (booked) Friday Sunday Yes From toulouse by airplane
Jstaniek Yes 58€ Friday, ~14:00 Sunday, ~15:00 Yes Train from Poland
Thomas Zander Yes 210€ Friday Sunday Yes
Alexandra Leisse Yes Friday Sunday no plane/train
Lukáš Tvrdý Yes 156€ (booked) Friday Sunday yes Train from Slovakia, arrival 17:30
PierreSt Yes 62€ Friday Sunday not really Plane
Artaud Jean-Nicolas Yes 307€ (booked) Friday Sunday Yes From toulouse by plane Arrival: Tegel 19:25
Elvis Stansvik No, can stay at friend's Exactly 180€ (booked) Friday Sunday Yes From Stockholm: Arrive at Berlin-Schönefeld 18:25 (on Thursday!)
Sven Langkamp Yes 98€ (booked) Friday Sunday No From Dortmund by train Arrival: Hbf 17:51
Jeremias Epperlein Yes 30 € Friday Sunday Yes From Dresden by train
Jan Hambrecht No 0 € Friday Sunday No living in Berlin
hannascott Yes ~ 177 € Friday Sunday Yes Plane from Sweden
Marijn Kruisselbrink Yes 84€ (booked) Friday Sunday Yes Train from .nl
Inge wallin Yes ~300 € Friday Monday Yes Plane
Jos van den Oever Yes 0 € Saturday Monday No Train

Weekends that were exluded:
April 3-5: KDEPIM meeting at the KDAB office
May 1-3: Amarok meeting at the KDAB office
June 24-27: Linuxtag
July 3-11: Akademy

X- : I can attend, but not on all three days
X  : I prefer this/these weekend(s)
X+ : My absolute favourite
Name May 8-10 May 15-17 May 22-24 May 29-31 June 5-7 June 12-14 June 19-21 July 16-19 July 24-26 July 31 - Aug. 2
PierreSt X X X
Jstaniek X X X X X X X
Marijn X X X X- X-
Zagge X X+ X
Sven X X X X X
ThomasZ X X X X X+
Boud X - X- X- X- X+ X- X- X- X-
ingwa X X X+
Alexandra X- X+ X
Morice.Net X+ X X X
Cyrille X+ X
fyanardi X X X X

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