Calligra/Meetings/Fall 2011 meeting/Ideas

Celebrating 2.4

Whether it's impending or done, we really should celebrate 2.4 in a proper way!

Showcase of Calligra

Saturday 12.11. 14h Showcase on how words is used in a product.


General Discussions

  • Calligra Academy: create a year-round formal mentoring program for interested people.
  • new name for Tables (let's have an ongoing brainstorm)


  • Kexi BoF
    • Topics: continuation of tasks started within GSoC 2011, Calligra Academy matters, brainstorming
    • Initiating tasks for (QtScript-based) user scripting API in Kexi (mission, object model, guidelines)
  • Eating Own Dog Food in Calligra BoF
    • Reusing features of one app in other apps (instead of reinventing)
    • Using our apps in the development process
    • Using our apps elsewhere, in activities not related to Calligra
  • Integration BoF
    • Plan: CSV (tabular) data import module (target: Tables)
    • Plan: Mail merge for Calligra (reuse from Kexi)
    • Idea: Shared Calligra Themes (sets of styles)
    • Idea: Forms for Calligra (reuse from Kexi)
    • Idea: Modern GUI for Calligra apps (reuse from Kexi)
  • Introduction to cstester and its friends
  • Words BoF
    • Topics: mission statement, ui, code structure and more

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