All applications in Calligra have maintainers, and also some of the smaller components like plugins. The main libraries don't have any assigned maintainer as they are dependent on the needs of the applications.

Application Maintainer Notes
Author Inge Wallin Proposed for "freeze" in 3.0 if no contributors join
Braindump Somsubhra Bairi
Karbon Anthony Fieroni
Kexi Jaroslaw Staniek
Krita Boudewijn Rempt
Flow Yue Liu
Plan Dag Andersen
Sheets Tomas Mecir
Stage Thorsten Zachmann
Words Camilla Boemann & Pierre Ducroquet
Calligra Gemini Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

Other parts

Here follows a list of people who are either formal maintainers or the main contributors on some parts.


Chart shape: Björn Reitmeyer or Johannes Simon (not active for some time)
Formula shape: Inge Wallin or Alfredo Beaumont (not active for some time)
Vector shape: Inge Wallin
Music shape: Marijn Kruisselbrink (not active for some time)
Artistic text: Jan Hambrecht (not active for some time)
Path shapes: Jan Hambrecht (not active for some time)
Color engines: Boudewijn Rempt
Text shape: Camilla Boemann
Video shape: Camilla Boemann
Report shape: Adam Piggz


doc: Matus Uzak
xls: Marijn Kruisselbrink (not active for some time)
ppt: Matus Uzak or Jos van den Oever (not active for some time)
docx,xlsx,pptx filters: Lassi Nieminen


Okular generator plugins: Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
Filemanager thumbnailer: Friedrich W. H. Kossebau


Change tracking: Pierre Stirnweiss (not active for some time)
RDF: Jos van den Oever (not active for some time)

Non software

Marketing coordination: Inge Wallin
Website: Cyrille Berger
White Paper: Inge Wallin (found on


Some people have special knowledge about certain areas even if they are not formal maintainers and may know the answers to your questions.

Embedded objects: Inge Wallin
Text layout: Camilla Boemann
Colors: Cyrille Berger and Boudewijn Rempt
WMF,EMF,SVM (vector file formats): Inge Wallin
SVG: Jan Hambrecht (not active for some time)
MS binary file formats (libmso): Matus Uzak
MS ooxml file formats: Lassi Nieminen

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