Calligra/Ideas/Proper nouns definition and insertion assistant

To alleviate any future confusion on the topic: This suggestion is for keeping track of proper names and their definition. That is, names which uniquely define a single entity (Jupiter, Peter Jackson or similar), as opposed to common nouns which describe a class (tree, chair or similar). For more reading on the topic: :) (and yes, i'm now aware this should be called Proper names definition and insertion assistant, rather than Proper nouns...)

As an author, in particular of stories and novels, one has to keep track of numerous characters or locations while writing, and the ability to handle such a thing would be quite useful. Such an idea would be approachable from a number of angles, and so, a number of workflows can be described like so:

  • Inserting a name into the document of a noun which is not currently defined
  • Inserting a name of a previously defined noun into the document
  • Inserting a pseudonym of a previously defined noun into the document
  • Defining a noun without inserting it into the document
  • Inserting a list of descriptions of a noun into the document
  • Inserting the description of a single noun into the document

What's implied here is a few features, which we can then describe as follows:

  • A dialog or panel which allows an author to manage (add, edit, delete) all existing definitions in a document
  • A set of menu items:
    • Insert a pre-existing noun
    • Add a new definition
    • Add a pseudonym for an existing noun
  • An in-line assistant used to insert a noun while typing.

Invoke the assistant by pressing ctrl+space (default) while typing. Pops up a menu with a set of proposed nouns based on the current word, and options to add a new noun or pseudonym for another noun and insert it at the cursor position (by default using the current word, but allowing editing).

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