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No issues with Application icons currently.

Planned: enhancement of Breeze-style app icons

kossebau had this critics on the Breeze 5.4 icons for Plan and Flow:

"I fear the Plan icon(s) look too much like one of a pure calendaring/dates application. Ideally it would also somehow represent the aspect of resource planning and dependency management, being the core purpose of Plan. Perhaps using some Gantt iconics like it was done for the icon version with the color-coded icon set would work? For helping with characteristics, how would you do the icon for KOrganizer? Perhaps the currently proposed icon would fit that app better?

The Flow icon also seems too far away from the aspect that Flow is for diagramming and flowcharting. The concept of stencils is missing for me, at least this is the icon I had to guess the hardest what it is for, and still have to teach me that. And the arrows hide for me usually, I always see a wheel or the cutting wheel like shape in the middle ;) (And the four colors in the four corners make me think of Windows software ;) ). It seems a nice idea especially given the name "Flow" of the application, though :) If the arrows would be less hidden by also having at least a little arrow shape on the outside, perhaps it might work better, and also give a more unique shape for better discoverage of the icon? Still, just arrows might need too much thinking to bridge the icon to diagramming and flowcharting."

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