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Remember that this is a page under construction

About this page

On this page I have tried to start writing down the information I have so far about my participation on Google Summer of Code this summer (I hope to get accepted). I'm going to apply for Kivio and after discussion on the mailing list and IRC I've come up with a task. I have evaluated some different options but has found this to be the best one so far, if you think it's not please share your thoughts and tell what would be better to work on in the comments below (talking about Kivio now and not in general). Also remember that this is a page I hope to update with new stuff and changes until the final application. So this is not a complete application just a draft (or a draft of material for the final application), I think using the wiki is a nice way to work on a document like this.

Project name

Enhancing text on shapes

Just a simple name, have not given that any thought at all to it. If you know a good name feel free to write, I will probably change it later anyway but I felt that I at least had to call it something.


My name is Robert Åkerblom-Andersson and I'm a second year student at Umeå University. I studding to be an Computer Engineer. On my free time I'm a crosscountry skiier and also a big fan of Linux and open source. I first started using Linux and KDE four years ago and it is a big interest for me. I've done some smaller community things like answering at forums and done some translating but never really any "big" contribution. I'm looking forward to get this opportunity in GSoC to really get started working on open source since I've been close many times but never really taken the leap.

Add that I applied last year maybe..

Brief Explanation:

Kivio has been a little idle since Koffice went over to 2.x (a better way to say that?) and not yet been released with the 2.x series. ......... At the moment there is a 2.x version in the trunk, and it has many of the basic functions but missed those that really makes it's as good as Kivio 1.6.

And some more text might go here later....

One of the biggest things that are needed before a release is support for text on shapes. After discussion this task with the community I got to know that it was not a trivial task, and that it might be to advanced. Ingwa then gave me the good news that it had been worked on separately in the project Office Viewer for the QT mobile phone OS Maemo (Maemo and Moblin (Nokia and Intel) has now joined forces and in the future Maemo will be replaced Meego).

More text here tomorrow

Expected Results

Good text in shapes support in Kivio...

Links I have used and from discussions:

Slangkamp's blogpost

nowwhatthe's blogpost

Summary of meeting about Kivio 13/2


I would be happy to get comments both about the GSoC task in general and really anything you want to write. I have chosen to use the wiki as a place where I start writing on my application for GSoC, but it should be considered a draft.

Please add comments here...

Remember that this is a page under construction

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