Calligra/End-user readiness


It is our goal to make KOffice 2.x End User Ready as soon as possible. This concept is not well defined, but in the Oslo meeting in november 2009, the developers decided on the following plan:

  1. We will find so called Target Users for each of KWord, KSpread and KPresenter.
  2. These target users will define some Use Cases that are valid for them. These use cases should be rather simple.
  3. From the use cases, the developers will define which Features the applications have to support to be able to allow the users to achieve their goals in the use cases.
  4. Finally we will keep track of Bugs and Wishes (new features) that have to be fixed or implemented for the features to work.

During the development period, the target users have agreed to communicate their needs to the respective maintainers and developers and also give usability feedback. The developers have agreed to keep their target users in mind while developing and give a priority to their needs.

In this way, we hope that by targeting each application to one specific user, it will be possible to use in real life for many.

Feature Matrix

Target User Use Cases Features Bugs and wishes in bugzilla
KWord: Irina Rempt Roleplaying notes 2-3 levels of headings, bulleted/numbered lists, Unicode support, printing, possibly links in the document
Letters, invoices Templates, address box (borders), possibly recalculation (embedded spreadsheet?)
Church/school material Pictures, anchor to page, anchor to paragraph, 1st page in landscape+rest of pages in portrait
Choir sheets page header+footer, 2-3 levels of headings, paragraph styles w different margins for first line and subsequent lines, flow of styles (following style)
KSpread: Inge Wallin Budget Cell formatting as SEK, cell coloring, named cells/regions, insert rows/columns which keeps formulas pointing correctly, charts, edit input areas for charts.
KPresenter: Suresh Chande, Nokia

General Criteria

In addition to the feature matrix above, we should always fulfill the following general criteria:

  • No crashes or hangs
  • Roundtrip integrity, i.e. data loaded should always be saved back for the officially supported features, and all configuration that the UI supports should be saved/loaded.
  • Easy workflow and good usability. Keep the number of clicks low, follow the HIG, put features in logical places.

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