• The tool dockers "grows" when switching tools
  • On small screens, at startup the application window can have a bigger size than the screen, while it would be possible to fit the window in the screen
  • When there are too many dockers, the minimal size of the window can be bigger than the screen
  • Tabbed docker waste space with duplicating the dock title with the title on the tab but currently one of the two can be used to drag the docker.
  • the dockers layout manager does not support heightForWidth
  • The placement of dockers on add is semi-random now. We need something like user-roles which helps determine between which other dockers the new docker should be positioned, ie QMainWindow::addDockWhatever() have to be called in a specific order to get the layout you want and plugins have semi-random loading order
  • The collapse button is very broken right now, collapsing makes it minimum width, for instance. Maybe we can have a collapsed mode next to left/right/floating/etc (Related qt bug 1858)
  • If there is one docker that has a maximum width and is docked on the left/right it disallows the docker area to be resized. Maybe we can learn from the anchor layout for that one.

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